Information of Everything BACK

With all the brilliant devices at first glance these days the idea of internet of things is on the go! it’s an innovation that lets gadget that you interface with communicate with a host of other devices. But where does that get all the information from?

Information has always existed everywhere but has often been isolated, incomplete, unavailable, or unintelligible. Previously, all the data was taken care of through various detached streams. It was correlated manually or with separate software applications and analyzed before being translated into actions. Improvisations in semantic tools will bring meaning to the often chaotic storm of information.

All the smart gadgets on the surface today create a big device mesh which utilize and transmit information, in not just textual audio visual but also in sensory and contextual form. The flow of information creates an environment in which the advanced digital world with merges with the physical. Gesture control and voice activation are essential approaches to interact with technology creating a smart world around!

Your smartphone can work like a health detector using this piece of technology! It can be utilized for out-patient consideration by medicinal services providers, giving them a chance to get ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, skin temperature, body stance, fall location, and movement readings remotely. This can alert doctors about potential health being issues before they emerge, or give them extra bits of knowledge into which treatments will be most effective for their patients, even when their patients aren’t around!

Or in case of a natural disaster, IoT with the data collected from the surroundings can help save lives! The first critical minutes and hours right after a disaster happens when communication systems are needed most, to coordinate first responders, share information with the public and to enable affected people to check on loved ones.

The application of IoE is limitless; whether being used to enhance the consumer experience of smart cities, improving public services and our own homes or delivering critical productivity solutions to smart commercial buildings.

To address key challenges related to the IoE, digital mesh and all smart devices need advanced infrastructure for information to flow seamlessly. And for that we need reliable, stable network and network affordability. But in places like India there are mostly 2G networks and technologies are required that work on 2G networks but are upgradable on 3G and 4G networks and they have solutions that are affordable for the masses.

DataWind has made the technology that has 18 patents that gives you internet on 2G network. We believe our internet delivery platform represents a significant step forward in low cost internet connectivity. Our internet connectivity solution is a combination of a unique delivery methodology and our data compression technology. Our Internet Delivery Platform offers a low cost internet connectivity solution by bundling an affordable tablet device or smart phone with an inexpensive one year pre-paid 2G browsing service plan.

Suneet Singh Tuli
CEO, DataWind